Editorial team


Dr.Prof.Uktam Umurzakov           - Rector of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers


Azamjon Tulaboev                      - PhD of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers


Saidakram Khodjaev                  - PhD of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers


SH.Khamraev                              - PhD, minister, Ministry of the Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

H.Ishanov                                    - PhD, chief specialist, Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Dr.Prof.N.Vatin                            - Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, (Russia);

Dr.T.Sultanov                              - Vice-rector for research and innovations, TIIAME;

Dr.B.Mirzayev                             - Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, TIIAME;

Dr.Prof.Y.Ivanov                          - Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy,

                                                     executive director of Engineering and Land Reclamation named after A.N. Kostyakov, (Russia);

Dr.Prof.A.Salohiddinov               - TIIAME;

Dr.Prof.M.Khamidov                   - TIIAME;

Dr.Prof.D.Kozlov                        - Moscow State University of Civil Engineering – Head of the Department Hydraulics and

                                                    Hydraulic Engineering Construction of the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and

                                                    Hydropower Engineering, (Russia);

A.Pulatov                                   - PhD, associate professor, TIIAME;

Acad.Dr.Prof.B.Kizyayev            - All-Russia Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land

                                                    Reclamation of A.N. Kostyakov, Russian academy of sciences, (Russia);

J.Lubos                                      - associate professor at “Department of Water Recourses and Environmental

                                                    Engineering” of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, (Slovak);

B.Pulatov                                   - PhD, TIIAME;

G.Bekmirzaev                            - PhD, TIIAME;

Acad.Dr.Prof.P.Kovalenko         - National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine, Advisor to the Director of the Research

                                                    Institute of Melioration and Water Resources, (Ukraine);

Prof.N.Xanov                             - Head of the Department of Hydraulic Structures RSAU – MAA named

                                                    after K.A.Timiryazev, (Russia);

Krishna Chandra                       - PhD, M.E., B.E. (Civil Engineering), M.A. (Sociology) Irrigation and Water

Prasad Sah                                 Resources Specialist. Director: Chandra Engineering Consultants,

                                                   Mills Area, (Janakpur, Nepal);

M.Omonov                                 - PhD, associate professor, TIIAME;

R.Baratov                                   - PhD, associate professor, TIIAME;

Dr.Prof.A.Ainabekov                   - Department Mechanics and mechanical engineering, South Kazakhstan State

                                                     University named after M.Auezov, (Kazakhstan);

Acad.Dr.Prof.T.Espolov               - National academy of sciences of Kazakhstan, Vice-President of NAS RK, (Kazakhstan);

Dr.Sh.Khasanov                          - associate professor, TIIAME;

M.Tursunov                                 - PhD, TIIAME;

J.Kazbekov                                 - PhD, Water Programs Specialist at the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia,

                                                     Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research|CGIAR;

I.Abdullaev                                 - PhD, the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia, Executive Director;

B.Sultanov                                  - PhD, Director, Agricultural Economics Scientific-Research Institute;

Dr.Prof.N.Khushmatov                 - Chief Scientific Secretary of the Agricultural and Food Supply Production Center.

Sh.Rakhmatullaev                       - PhD, Water Management Specialist at World Bank Group;

A.Khamidov                                 - PhD, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research|ZALF, (Germany);

A.Gafurov                                     - PhD, Research scientist at the department of hydrology, GFZ Potsdam (Germany).